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Article Date : 09 February 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

The Darkside - Death Magic and the Necromancer

Communication with the dead requires the necromancer to stand astride the rift between life and death and, in some ways, become the half-dead themselves so that exchange between the realms can take place.

Necromancy can become an extreme and abominable force, in which the tethers of magic are corrupted to inevitably dark ends through the manipulation of forces of death and decay, potent energies culled from the outer realms, channeled by its practitioners to harvest soul energy, bring the dead back from the beyond.



The frozen touch of death is a power beyond simple human comprehension

So vast that a lifetime of study is barely as significant as dipping one's finger into the ocean.

The art can bring knowledge of the nature of the soul, the power to manipulate it, and the ability to cause change in accordance with one's will through the rending of the spirit 

Necromantic power is every bit as potent as the healing arts and every bit as damning to those who would attempt to misuse it.  


Death encompasses so much more than physical death. Death is another side of life

The energy of death, termed spectral energy, is released or created when a cycle of “life” is ended and begun anew in another form and is always co-existent with the force of life that which is living is also dying. Due to this fact Earth is the realm of both the living and the dead though the dead exist out of phase with the living.

The necromancer specializes in ability to manipulate necrotic or spectral energy, a potent arcanist with the ability to harness the undead for personal use.

These spirits wander in their spheres, others trying to incarnate themselves, others, again already incarnated and living on earth; these are often vicious and imperfect men. evoked by necromancy.

Guman Thong created by Luang Phor Tae for example contain the spirits of men, not children as is the common belief.

This type of working in necromancy is referred to as Fetishism in which the spirits or energies of the dead are manipulated by, bound to or contained in objects. This differs from incantation in which the necromancer uses chant or mantra to take control of and shape the ambient energies of his art to produce an occult effect.

Necromancy is a universal practice of great antiquity, only the profoundly initiated should attempt as it is without doubt the darkest and most dangerous forms of black magic, something history has taught us numerous times.


Though Buddhism is not often thought of as a religion that practices magic, in such communities as those found in Thailand and Cambodia, there can be no doubt that Buddhism shares common ground with belief systems that are primarily associated with the use of magic.

Both countries have a long history of engagement in spiritualist and animistic magical practices. When Buddhism first arrived in these areas it came into contact with pre-existent traditions that believed in spirits, both benevolent and malevolent.

The religious traditions of Thailand have always included the belief in spirits and the ability to manipulate them by means of magic

Thai belief does not only consist of beneficial Gods and spirits. It also abounds with belief in ferocious spirits of pure malevolence, from who the villagers seek magical protection, and some seek to manipulate for their own purpose.

Amongst these classes of malevolent spirits are such beings as the preed (a giant, looming shape with a small head that emits a sharp, piercing sound, as a reflection of its past sins), the phii krasy (a type of parasite which inhabits human bodies, feeds on excrement, and is shaped like a human head with entrails protruding from beneath), and the phii baan (the ghosts of ancestors that hover around their previous home and watch their descendants with malignant jealousy).

The Thai Sangha itself traffics heavily in magic

The main doctrinal link between Buddhism and the Spirit religions is the use of the occult as a means by which to transfer merit.

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